Ayame (minako134) wrote in sakuracon,

Hetalia cosplay - flag etiquette!

You know what I'm looking forward to? All the fantabulous Axis Powers Hetalia cosplay that I'm sure we'll see at this year's Sakura Con. It's gonna be a party, I know it.

HOWEVER~! You planning on bringing your character's flag as a prop, yeah? You are? Totally fun. Exciting, even. Just don't forget the all-important flag etiquette associated with flag-handling!

"But minako134, what is proper flag etiquette???"

FRET NOT. Check out [Alfred F. Jones' Totally Awesome Guide to Flag Etiquette] and you will be the coolest kid on the block and represent your fandom in a positive way!

Can't wait to see everybody Thursday and beyond...!
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