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Cosplay Help?!

My friends and I are all trying to get our cosplay's in sync this year, it hasn't been working out so well. At first we were going to be Kuroshitusji, as two of us already had cosplayed as that last year we didn't want to do it again. Then we were going to do Hetalia, but at last Minute I decided that I love Hakuouki so much we should do that. Well I'm going to cut it short for you all and it ends up that we're going to be both Hakuouki and Hetalia? Hakuouki one day and Hetalia the next and Kuro the last day *though the last day we might be changing costumes back to hetalia/hakuouki*.

Here's the problem: I'm buying my Hakuouki (Toudou or Chizuru not sure yet *either way I end up not being seme XP*) but my friends and I have decided we want to make(?) our Hetalia costumes ^^ I'm being Prussia, so I was wondering if anyone knows were I could get a pattern that is somewhat similar to Prussia's outfit (or really similar like a german ww2 patter lol)   .... so yeah that was the question i guess? 

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<3 howdarechromenotrecognizethewordcosplay
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