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The Otaku Odyessy...

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The Sakura-Con LJ Community
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Are you a Northwestern Otaku? Well then you must have heard about Sakura-Con! It's the otaku event of the year in the Northwest! Here's a place where con-goers can find each other, find some info, ask questions, and just have fun! Come join the Otaku Odessey!

**Note: This community is an unofficial gathering place for Lj-ers who attend Sakura-Con & is not directly affiliated with Sakura-Con. For official & more detailed, up-to-date info, plase visit the official Sakura-Con website @ http://www.sakuracon.org.**

This community is maintained by lanachan. Feel free to bring any questions about this community to the public post on her journal. If you prefer, you may also e-mail here at lanachan@livejournal.com.

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